Global Research Programme on Inequality
Art Exhibition

Imaging Inequality

An art exhibition on the various dimensions of global inequality.

Imaging Inequality tekst
Maria Ulvesæter

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“Imaging Inequality” is a project initiated by the Global Research Programme on Inequality (GRIP) engaging with visual artists to reflect and illustrate different perceptions and representations of inequality in specific contexts.   

Inequality, often reduced to notions of poverty, has multiple dimensions and assumes many faces. It can entail not only differences between levels of wealth, but also between the social status of groups; imbalances in access to health, justice; differentiated capacity to influence political decision-making processes; discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, race and religion; exposure to pollution and risks; as well as differences in access and contribution to types of knowledge.

GRIP, being an interdisciplinary research programme working with inequality, examines various dimensions and different perceptions of inequality in order to expand our understanding of and knowledge about inequality. 

Through an open call for “Imaging Inequality” project GRIP invited visual artists from across the world to submit proposals with their reflections on the topic of inequality.

We are now happy to exhibit the submitted works of some of the visual artists from this open call that were selected by a committee consisting of inequality scholars and visual artists. Works of the participating artist cover such topics as toxicity of cities and urban dwelling in liminal spaces, scarcity of water and unequal access to such basic element necessary for human survival, criminalization of LBGT persons and abuse of transgender persons, resource extraction and wealth accumulation by European colonialism, stigmatization of migrants and colonial hierarchies.

The full exhibition can be seen at the Student Centre in Bergen. 

The exhibition is a part of GRIP’s contribution to this year’s Bergen Summer Research School (BSRS) that is devoted to the topic of inequality. “Understanding and addressing inequality” is the common theme for the seven PhD courses at this year’s BSRS, 7-17 June. Information on the many public digital events taking place during the summer school and the physical panel debate at Litteraturhuset can be access here: Bergen Summer Research School | University of Bergen (uib.no)