Department of Psychosocial Science

Councils and committees

Members of the Institute Council

Anette Harris (Head of Department)

Group A and C are elected for the period 01.08.17-31.07.21
Group B and D are elected for the period 01.08.19-31.07.20

Group A

Sigurd Hystad
Elisabeth Norman

Vebjørn Ekroll (1. deputy)
Anette Harris (2. deputy)
Rune Mentzoni (3. deputy)
Dominic Sagoe (4. deputy)
Lise Øen Jones (5. deputy)

Group B
Lena Zahlquist

Sarah Helene Aarestad (1. deputy)
Erlend Sunde (2. deputy)

Group C
Helga Marie Meling

May-Britt Sande (1. deputy)

Group D
Tharsicah Pararajasingham
Victoria Fjeldstad

Kristin Skjærseth (1. deputy)


Meetings 2020

Wednesday January 8th, 09:15-11:00
Tuesday February 4th, 09:15-11:00
Tuesday April 21st, 09:15-11:00
Tuesday May 19th, 09:15-11:00