The research project LaW-BALANCE has started

The project will explore the legal framework of working life in Norway and other European countries, with a focus on the concept of work-life balance.

Illustration of work-life-balance with photo of Melanie Hack
LaW-BALANCE is led by Melanie Hack and aims to provide a better understanding of the legal framework of a working life in transition.
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The Faculty of Law recently launched the new research project LaW-BALANCE. The project have the full title “Life and Work in Balance: Legal Responses to a Working Life in Transition and in Times of Crisis”. It is funded by the Research Council of Norway and led by Associate Professor Melanie Hack, and will run for four years. 

A kick-off seminar with international collaborators and national stakeholders were held in Bergen on October 26th. The seminar adressed hot topics such as the EU Work-Life Balance Directive, regulation of home office, flexible working time arrangements and rights for carers in EU and national law.

The project will in the years to come examine how the law can address the challenges and opportunities posed by societal changes such as demographic change, digitalization, migration and globalization. The project will also analyze how the law can promote an inclusive working life and a well-functioning welfare state.

In conjunction with LaW-BALANCE, the Faculty will announce recruitement positions for PhD researchers or postdoctoral researchers, and a scholarship for master students who want to write their thesis on topics related to the project.

For more information, please visit the project’s website or contact the project leader Melanie Hack.