Center for Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Research grant

Grant from Peder Sather Center

Lundervold has got a grant from the Peder Sather Center, with an aim to strengthen research collaboration with Professor Steve Hinshaw at UC Berkeley.

Focus of the project will be on ADHD in different age groups, and will be based on data that are already collected at the two sites: data from the Berkeley Girls with ADHD project and the Multimodal Treatment Study of Children with ADHD will be made available by Professor Hinshaw, and Lundervold is responsible for making data available from the Bergen Child Study and the adult ADHD project that is part of our K.G. Jebsen Center.

The aim is to contribute with new knowledge related to characteristics, risk and resilience factors of developmental pathways of individuals with a high load on symptoms associated with ADHD.

The following subprojects will be developed:

1. The co-existence of symptoms associated with ADHD and internalizing disorders - the impact of gender

2. Cognitive characteristics associated with ADHD symptoms. Impact on function in adolescence and adulthood.

3. Predictors and mediators of long-term risk and resilience.