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A Norwegian study shows that maternal daily intake of sweetened carbonated beverages during pregnancy can be associated with offspring ADHD symptoms
The candidate will give a trial lecture and defend his doctoral thesis with the title: “Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and autoimmune diseases: etiological relationships and therapeutic possibilities”
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and autoimmune diseases: etiological relationships and therapeutic possibilities
There is a clear connection between specific genes and ADHD. This is the result of a large international study where UiB-researchers have played an important role, led by Professor Jan Haavik.
Professor Jan Haavik has been given the Helse Vest Research award 2016 for his research on discovering biological mechanisms that can cause ADHD-symptoms. He was rewarded the prize during the annual research conference of Helse Vest.
PhD-candidate Kaya Kvarme Jacobsen will defend her thesis: “Genetic susceptibility across neuropsychiatric disorders - genome-wide, candidate gene and interaction analyses”
The challenge of neurodegenerative disease focusing on Alzheimer’s is the topic in the EU Joint Programme – Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND), and also the largest effort of its kind. Clive Bramham has as a partner in a currently funded project received support to study the role of two key molecular players (BDNF and Arc) in neurodegenerative disease.
Title of thesis: Spinal sensitisation and expression of immediate early genes- Prolonged opioid treatment and neuropathic nociception.
Children of mothers with diseases like asthma or arthritis have up to eighty per cent higher risk of developing ADHD.
KGJN and the ADHD Project is starting a New Collaboration in EU!
By looking at brain cells of patient with bipolar disorder, it is possible to predict if lithium treatment will be effective. This finding were recently published in Nature.
From September 28-October 9th 2015, KGJN hosted the first research training course in the new H2020-funded project “MiND" on ADHD and autism spectrum disorders (ASD).
Students and employees at the KGJN recently met for a scientific symposium at the Hotel Terminus. It was a successful meeting with many participants, interesting science and fun socializing.
Every year, the prestigious journal New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) announces the top ten most important publications within different fields of medicine. The list of 2014 in psychiatry was a positive news for the KGJN.
The research group of Clive Bramham and collaborators have discovered a piece in the memory puzzle. They have just published their findings in the prestigious journal Cell Reports.
Copenhagen was hosting this years world congress by the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics. Several researchers from our center was attending. Our center leader Jan Haavik had a lecture on functional studies, underscoring the importance of bringing a biological understanding to the underlying genetic factors. Tetyana Zayats presented results from her EU project on epigenetic factors in... Read more