Center for Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Celebrating four years and the continuation of the KGJN centre

Students and employees at the KGJN recently met for a scientific symposium at the Hotel Terminus. It was a successful meeting with many participants, interesting science and fun socializing.

pics from meeting
Pics from meeting

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Centre leader Jan Haavik presented research activities at the KGJN during the four years and future plans for the next period. For the occasion, honorary Professor Stephen V. Faraone was visiting and he held an inspiring lecture about the most recent promising findings of consortia genetics on ADHD and autism spectrum disorders. The different research groups in the centre all presented common projects that have been ongoing and research that will be continued in the next period.

Students and researchers at the centre had poster presentations, and this time the arrangement committee paired students from completely different disciplines – ‘Jebsen buddies’ to present each other and their buddy’s research project. In addition, they were to suggest a research project that they could do together and would benefit from their different scientific training.

At the end of the day the attendees met for dinner where the best ‘Jebsen buddies’ and best research project were announced in addition to the winners of the centre-quiz.