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KGJN publication in Cell Reports

The research group of Clive Bramham and collaborators have discovered a piece in the memory puzzle. They have just published their findings in the prestigious journal Cell Reports.

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Bramham and colleagues work on the process of Long-term potentiation (LTP). This is a crucial process in the brain and allows the signal strength between neurons to become strengthen over long periods of time, essential for memory formation in the hippocampus. In this study they show that LTP in the hippocampus is facilitated through a two-step process, both of which are controlled by trophic signaling though BDNF and the MAP-kinase pathway.

This pathway is normally involved in regulating cell growth, survival and cell division and Bramham and coworkers discovered the importance of the MNK1 kinase in both steps of LTP formation though different modes of protein synthesis regulation.

Follow the links below to read more, and to read the interview with Clive Bramham and Debabrata Panja, the first author of the article.