Center for Neuropsychiatric Disorders

The First Course in the MiND H2020 Research Training Network Completed

From September 28-October 9th 2015, KGJN hosted the first research training course in the new H2020-funded project “MiND" on ADHD and autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

IGSIN course participants at Mount Ulriken
Hiking was part of the social program for the MiND students
Jan Haavik
Hiking in rain
A taste of the Bergen rain

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The MiND course was organized as part of an annual course at the UiB research school IGSIN (International Graduate School in Integrated Neurosciences). The highly interdisciplinary IGSIN course was this year topped with lecturers from the MiND network, focusing on clinical aspects, genetics, biomarkers and modeling of ADHD and ASD.

The 15 MiND PhD students have recently been recruited from many different countries and participated in lectures and practical demonstrations, together with 10 additional PhD candidates from different countries.  They also enjoyed a range of social activities in the historic parts of Bergen and its surrounding mountains. As shown in the pictures MiND partner Will Norton from University of Leicester stayed for the duration of the course and eagerly participated in all activities, whether in sunshine or rain.


By Rune Kleppe and Jan Haavik (Center leader and partner in MiND)