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KGJN publication in "Molecular and Cellular Proteomics"

Regulation of TH and its complex with 14-3-3 proteins
The illustration shows TH as a key regulatory enzyme in catecholamine biosynthesis (red box). TH is regulated by phosphorylation and protein-protein interactions with 14-3-3 proteins (blue box). Results from native MS and electron microscopy of free and complexed proteins are summarized below.
Rune Kleppe

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The research groups of Aurora Martinez and Jan Haavik at the KGJN and Department of Biomedicine have recently published their results in a leading journal in the field of proteomics. The work presents novel findings on the protein complex between Tyrosine Hydroxylase (TH) and 14-3-3 proteins, and has been performed in close collaboration with international experts within the field of native mass spectrometry (Utrecht University, Netherlands) and in electron microscopy of protein complexes (Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia, Spain).  This protein complex is important for regulation of the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine and the study provides a breakthrough in our understanding of the protein complex and its functions.