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The Central Appeals Committee

The Central Appeals Committee is the University of Bergen's final appeals body in student related matters.

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According to the University and University Colleges Act section 5-1, the university must have an appeals committee who consider cases regarding students. The appeals committee consider various types of appeals from students as well as disciplinary cases against students. The committee also consider cases regarding suspected or attempted cheating. The committee meet about once a month, except for July. The case processing is in writing, and you may not meet in person before the committee. The Public Administration Acts rules for case processing applies for the committee. 

In cases regarding cheating, the committee is the body of first instance and the Joint Appeals Committee (national body) is the appeals body. The committee makes the final decision in student appeals, and the committee's decision may not be appealed.


The Central Appeals Committee's mandate

The committee consider, among others, the following types of cases:

  • Appeals against individual decisions
  • Appeals against decisions on admission
  • Appeals against procedural errors in connection with examinations, assessment or work requirements
  • Appeals against decisions on absence and leaves of absence
  • Appeals against decisions on full or partial loss of admission to a course or program of study
  • Cases of suspected cheating/attempted cheating
  • Cases of expulsion on the grounds of unacceptable conduct
  • Appeals in accordance with the provisions concerning appeals in the "Regulations for the Philosophiae Doctor (Ph.D.) Degree at The University of Bergen.

The Central Appeals Committee's mandate in full (in Norwegian)


The following are members of the Committee from August 1st 2021 to July 31st 2025:

  • District court judge Morten Dømbe Haldorsen
  • Associate Professor Rannveig Øvrevik Skoglund
  • Scientist Ivar Stefansson

The following are student representatives in the Committee from August 1st 2023 to July 31st 2024:

  • Emma Nystad Næss
  • Øyvind Nesdal Birkeland

The committee's secretariat is organized under The Secretariat of The University Leadership. The secretariat asks that cases are forwarded from faculties/departments at least two weeks before the committee's meetings. In cases regarding cheating the student will receive copies of the case documents from the faculty and a notice from the committee's secretary. The notice includes information on case processing, the student rights, date for the committee's meeting and a deadline for submitting a written statement.