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The Central Appeals Committee

The appeals committee considers various types of appeals from students, as well as disciplinary cases against students.

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The appeals committee has five members and is chaired by an external person with judicial qualifications.

The committee considers the following types of cases:

  • Appeals against individual decisions
  • Appeals against decisions concerning leaves of absence and absences, as well as the full or partial loss of admission to a course or specific programme of study
  • Suspected cases of cheating
  • Appeals in connection with the election of representatives and delegates at UiB
  • Appeals in accordance with the provisions concerning appeals in the Regulations for the Philosophiae Doctor (Phd) Degree at the University of Bergen

Appeals, apart from in cases of cheating, are considered by the faculty as the first instance and by the Committee as the appeals body. In cases of cheating, the Committee will be the first instance and the Joint Appeals Committee (national body) the appeals body.

The University Director’s office currently acts as the Central Appeals Committee's secretariat.

The committee meets around once a month, see the fact box at the top right of this page.