Machine Vision

Future Histories of Machine Vision

Scholars, artists and designers met for a two-day workshop to continue work on an anthology to be titled "Future Histories of Machine Vision".

Photo of a wall with names written on it. In the shiny surface of the wall you can see the reflection of people sitting at tables, and a view of buildings seen out of large windows.
Machine Vision is hosting their second workshop and invited everyone who attended the previous workshop back to Bergen.
Anna Nacher
Machine Vision gruppa
Linn Heidi Stokkedal

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After the inspiring first workshop at Solstrand, scholars and artists reconvened at Media City Bergen to expand the notes from last time into chapters for an anthology. Using speculative methods, we developed a set of possible future scenarios. Each scenario gave rise to different theoretical and societal questions. Our imagined futures ranged from uprisings to protest fake to a possible future where machines had fully taken over. In addition to four excerpts from future scholarly books, participants drafted a catalogue for a future art exhibition of works imagined to be created in a future heavily impacted by machine vision.

These materials will be collected in an anthology that will also include short pieces discussing actual examples of machine vision and its cultural impact.