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Legitimate reasons of absence from exams at The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

What happens if you fall ill on the day of an exam or you have other valid reasons of absence? On this page you will also find information about registering this and how to sign up for a new evaluation.

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Illness and other legitimate absence from examinations

The three time regulation states that a student may not sit for an exam in a course more than 3 times.
If you fall ill or have valid absence and are not able to sit the exam for this reason, it should not count as an attempt.



To give notice on your absence, please complete the online form found on the central administratation page on exam absence.

The deadline is two weeks after the examination date.



New evaluation?

You may sign up for a new attempt at an exam, provided that you have not spent three attempts and that all mandatory work is valid. The validity of mandatory work varies in duration depending on the course, and is explained on the course home page. 

All courses have ordinary examinations both semesters.
You can sign up for a new evaluation on the Studentweb by finding the course in earlier semesters and choosing "New evaluation". 
Please note that you must register for the exam on Studentweb yourself.

For courses with teaching both semesters (only courses MAT111, INF100 and STAT110) or irregular courses:
Examinations are arranged at the end of the semester. Early exams in these three courses are only arranged for students with valid reasons of absence and must be applied to sit. Contact your department before the semester starts.

For courses with teaching spring or fall:
Examinations are arranged at the end of the semester with teaching and at the beginning of the semester without teaching.


Mandatory attendance or assignments

If you due to illness or other legitimate reasons are unable to attend or complete mandatory assignments at the deadline given, please contact your department for further information.

The department will forward instructions on documentation.