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The PhD programme is a supervised programme. This means that the candidate should be present at the university a significant part of the effective period of study, unless special conditions indicate otherwise.

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The faculty will inform you of the names of the appointed supervisors when you have been admitted to the PhD programme. The main supervisor is the contact person between the PhD candidate and the administrative support staff for issues relating to study progress, and he or she has the main responsibility for supervision of the PhD candidate. Co-supervisors are other academics who provide guidance and who share the academic responsibility for the PhD candidate with the main supervisor.

The composition of the supervisory team may be changed during your doctoral education if it is deemed necessary to include specific support and competence in the research project. This is an assessment the supervisors and the PhD candidate can make either jointly or individually.

Please see this site for more information regarding supervision.

Online course for PhD supervisors

Online course for PhD supervisors. The course includes rules, regulations and procedures for the PhD programme.Please see this page for more information

PhD degree - Information for members of the evaluation committee

This page contains important information, rules and regulations for members of an evaluation committee for the PhD degree. Please see under the heading Related Content at the bottom of the page.