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Welcoming new students

In January the faculty welcomed 64 new international students. We asked one of them why she chose to study at the University of Bergen.

welcoming students
Welcoming new studets at the faculty
Torill Andersen Eidsvaag

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In January the University of Bergen welcomed just over 400 new international students. 64 of them are registered as students at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and even more are doing courses here. 

The faculty held an information meeting for the students Tuesday January 12 and a library course Friday January 15.

We asked one of the students attending the information meeting to tell us a bit about herself and her reasons for coming to Bergen.

Student profile:

My name is Janne Rozemarijn Smit, but I prefer to be called Romy (it’s an official nickname).

Home university and field of study:
I study biology, specializing in cognitive and behavioral neurosciences, at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

Why did you choose to study the University of Bergen?
Because the courses offered here perfectly fit my interests and specialization and I was told the University of Bergen would be a very good choice, since it is a very good University (at least in my field of studies). I am really looking forward to learn as much as I can.

How has the experience been so far?
Well, it is very expensive here in Norway! But everything is very well taken care of and everyone is very friendly and helpful! So you will not hear any complaints from me! So far I love it here! The weather is great (it hasn’t even rained for the first week I’ve been here), the nature surrounding Bergen is gorgeous and the people are really nice!