Mechanism of tissue and tumor fibrosis (MOTIF)

Bergen Fibrosis Conference, 2019

Novel tools to study the fibrotic stroma

Group photo at the Bergen Fibrosis Conference 2019-2405
Torstein Ravnskog, UiB
Group photo at the Bergen Fibrosis Conference 2019-2305
Torstein Ravnskog, UiB

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SIU Fibrosis conference, May 23-24, 2019


Venue: Grand Hotel Terminus, Zander Kaaes gate 6

Organizer: Donald Gullberg

May 23thSession 1a. Cell-ECM interactions I - Chair: C. McCulloch (UoT) 
8.30 – 9.101. Donald Gullberg, University of Bergen
Integrin α11β1 - a fibroblast protein with a role in fibrosis
9.15 – 9.552. Ritva Heljasvaara, Univ. of Oulu
Of mice, men and clouds - new target molecules in the tumor ECM
 Session 1b. Cell-ECM interactions II - Chair: V. Weaver (UCSF) 
10.20-11.003. Christopher McCulloch, University of Toronto
Role of Flightless in Remodeling of the Fibrotic Stroma
11.05-11.454. John Marshall, Barts Cancer Institute
The Role of integrins in regulation of the stroma
11.50-12.305. Sergey Plotnikov, Toronto
Calcium Sparks in Focal Adhesions Drive Cell Migration Along ECM Stiffness Gradients
 Session 2a. Mechanism of fibrosis I - Chair: R. Heljasvaara (Oulu) 
13.10-13.506. Geir Christensen, Oslo
Myocardial fibrosis in heart failure: mechanisms and functional consequences
13.55-14.257. Andreas Romaine, Oslo
Syndecan-4 and Integrins: key regulators of the cardiac fibrotic response to pressure overload
14.30-15.008. Mari Elen Strand, Oslo
Heparanase: a novel regulator of cardiac inflammation and fibrosis?
 Session 2b. Tumor stroma associated fibrosis I - Chair: D. Gullberg (UiB) 
15.25-16.059. Arne Östman, KI
Clinically relevant marker- and pathway-defined subsets of cancer-associated fibroblasts
16.10-16.5010. Agnes Noel, Liege
Alpha 11 integrin interacts with PDGFRbeta receptor in pro-invasive breast cancer-associated fibroblasts
16.55-17.1011. Jason Northey, UCSF
Matrix stiffness and breast cancer risk
17.15-17.45Business meeting SIU 
19.30Dinner (for speakers and invited guests) 
May 24thSession 3a. Mechansim of fibrosis II - Chair: R. Navab (UoT) 
8.30-9.1012. Reetta Hinttala, Oulu
Dysfunction of human NHLRC2 as a cause of fibrosis, neurodegeneration and cerebral angiomatosis (FINCA)
9.15-09.5513. Valerie Weaver, UCSF
Reciprocal interplay between tumor immunity and fibrosis
 Session 3b. Tumor stroma associated fibrosis II - Chair: A. Östman (KI) 
10.20-10.5014. Kristian Pietras, Lund, Sweden
Microenvironmental control of malignant phenotypes
10.55-11.3015. Daniel Öhlund, Umeå, Sweden
Deciphering the extracellular matrix composition in pancreatic cancer
11.35-12.1516. Roya Navab, Toronto
The lysyl oxidase like-1 promotes non-small cell lung cancer tumorigenicity through increased matrix re-organization
 Session 4. Emerging anti-fibrotic therapies - Chair: M. Fabre  
13.00-13.4017. Christian Klein, Roche Pharmaceutical Research, Switzerland
Targeting tumor fibroblasts for cancer immunotherapy
13.45-14.2518. Myriam Fabre, Oncomatryx Biopharma, Spain
Tumor microenvironment-targeted biologics for cancer treatment
14.45-15.2519. Wolfgang Jarolimek, Pharmaxis, Australia
Efficacy of pan- and selective lysyl oxidase inhibitors in reducing fibrosis