Neuro-SysMed Junior Scientist Symposium Oct 20, 2023

Welcome to NEUROSYSM910, the Neuro-SysMed Junior Scientist Symposia!

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Neuro-SysMed Junior Scientist Symposium

The objective of the symposium series is to provide the PhD candidates with valuable skills into oral presentation techniques of own research, as well as dissemination of others research, provide opportunities to engage in scientific discussions, and to take advantage of peer reviews and comments to strengthen the scientific quality of own research and scientific thinking. A main ambition is also to strengthen the scientific networks and to encourage candidates to establish relations to scientists.

The symposia are organized 4 times annually, twice every semester. Each symposium is organized with a keynote lecture initially (45 min), followed by 4 PhD candidates/postdoctoral researchers who present their work (25 min each including the oral presentation and discussion). Subsequently, there will be final discussions. The presentations will be of own research with special attention to presentation techniques and quality.

Shamundeeswari Anandan holds academic responsibility for the symposia.

You can read more about the Junior Scientist Symposia here.

Place: Auditorium 4, BB building (campus Haukeland University Hospital)

Time: Friday October 20, 2023 at 09.00-13.00

Registration link: through this link.

ChairsYola Gerking and Fiona Dick

For ECTS registration, remember to register in Studentweb for the subject NEUROSYSM910 for the fall term as well, deadline in Studentweb for all subjects is September 1.

Lecture language: English


09.00-09.10:Welcome and introduction
09.10-10.10:“Life after PhD: Career guidance and how to build your academic CV” by Cecilie Nordbotten
10.10-10.30:Coffee break
10.30-10.55:“Phosphorous MRS in neurodegenerative disorders” by Magnus Svensen
10.55-11.20:“Mitochondrial dysfunction in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis” by Tale Bjerknes
12.00-12.25:“Using multi-omics to discover new pathways controlled by the cerebellar degeneration-related proteins” by Eirik Solheim
12.25-12.50:“Stratification of idiopathic Parkinson's disease based on mitochondrial dysfunction: the mitoPD subtype” by Anna Rubiolo
12.50-13.00:Concluding remarks

Contact: Any questions, please contact Shamundeeswari Anandan: samanandhan@gmail.com