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Neuro-SysMed Seminar – Christopher Elnan Kvistad

Welcome to Neuro-SysMed's monthly seminars! Speaker this time is Dr. Christopher Elnan Kvistad, with the topic "A brief history of the (failing) neural regeneration in the human CNS." Join us in the auditorium in Armauer Hansens Hus at 11:30–13:00 (lunch 11:30–12:00).

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Speaker: Dr. Christopher Elnan Kvistad

Christopher Elnan Kvistad is a neurologist and PhD. He has a postdoc in treatment with mesenchymal stem cells in MS, is PI in the SMART-MS study and a clinical career stipend from Helse Vest within the field of stem cell based neuroregeneration. 

Title: A brief history of the (failing) neural regeneration in the human CNS

Abstract: The failure of axons to regenerate is a major obstacle for functional recovery following CNS injury from various etiologies. Why is this? What has research shown us and what is the status today? The following lecture will try to answer these questions in a brief recapitulation of the research progress from 1600 BC until today.  

Chair: Professor Kjell-Morten Myhr

Place: The auditorium in Armauer Hansens Hus (campus Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen)

Time: Wednesday November 22 at 11:30–13:00 (lunch 11:30–12:00).

Registration: please use this link

Langage: English

The objectives of the seminars at the NeuroSysMed Research School for Translational Neuroscience are to provide knowledge into the research field of the disciplines involved in Neuro-SysMed, and the treatment strategies for patients with MS, PD, ALS and dementia. The seminars are organized in monthly meetings, and include the annual 2-day symposium. Members of Neuro-SysMed as well as invited local, national and international speakers will perform during the seminars and symposium.  

Participation provides ECTS for PhD candidates and is part of the Neuro-SysMed Graduate School of Translational Neuroscience. If you are a UiB student, make sure you register each term in Studentweb for the subject NEURO920 Neuro-Sysmed seminars and symposium.