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Documentation of DNN's first event

First Digital Narrative Network at Media City with guest Søren Pold

Documentation of the Digital Narrative Network's first event with guest lecture by Søren Pold: Meta Interface Character - Narrative as Critical Aspect.

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The first DNN event brought together members of the network from across faculties at the University of Bergen. The event took place at Media City on 28th May, 2019 and was also live-streamed.

Guest lecturer Søren Pold presented  Meta Interface Character - Narrative as Critical Aspect. For more information about the lecture please click  here

Listen to audio documentation here:


Following the lecture, several members of the network gave short presentations on their research relating to digital narrative:

  • A World Literature in Formation: The Role of Community-Built Networks and Open Access Databases by Joe Tabbi
  • Digital Lenses for Understanding Machine Vision by Jill Walker Rettberg
  • Ecological Narratives in Digital Art  by Scott Rettberg
  • Games and Transgressive Aesthetics by Kristine Jørgensen
  • Infrastructures of Expectation by Chris Ingraham
  • KAIRUS  by Linda Kronman and Andreas Zingerle 
  • Narratives that bind or isolate by Laurie Lax
  • A video presentation by Eamon O'Kane