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PROFMED - Medical students' professional identity formation during hospital practice

PROFMED aims to improve medical students’ hospital placement learning, and support the development of a professional doctor’s identity.

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This is done by 1) systematically preparing students for workplace participation, and 2) educating hospital doctors who interact with students at Haugesund hospital.  

The project will address fourth-year medical students in Bergen, who do their placements in surgery and internal medicine in 4 different hospitals. Intervention 1 consists of student-active activities to prepare students intellectually and affectively for hospital placement, using peer-peer and digital learning activities to provide information and support reflection. Intervention 2 is a collaborative, locally anchored faculty development project targeting all relevant physicians at Haugesund hospital, offering a longitudinal program for developing reflexive supervision skills, aiming at long-term learning environment changes, and can easily be applied to other practice settings, in other fields, both locally, nationally and internationally.

The project is funded by DIKU - Direktoratet for internasjonalisering og kvalitetsutvikling i høyere utdanning/The Directorate for internationalization and quality development inhigher education.


PROFMED – the project group, 2020-23:

Edvin ScheiProfessor, Center for medical education. General practitionerProject leader
Varasha Jacob WilliamMD, project coordinatorCenter for medical education
Margot de RijkeMD, project coordinatorCenter for medical education
Monika KvernenesAssociate professor, pedagogueLeader, Center for medical education (CME), U of Bergen
Bjørn Egil VikseProfessor, senior consultant, internal medicineLeader of students’ clinical practice, Haugesund hospital
Steinar HunskårProfessor, family medicineFormer dean of education
Harald WikerProfessor, microbiologistLeader, medical program
Arne TjølsenProfessor, neurologistFormer dean of education
Hilde GrimstadProfessor, family medicineLeader of Center for medical education, U of Trondheim (NTNU)
Eivind ValestrandPhd candidate in medical education, CMEProfessional identity development
Idun grimstad SkjærsethMedical student, U of BResearch student project
Kari IndrekvamProfessor, orthopaedic surgeonLeader 8th semester
Knut ØymarProfessor, paediatricsCommittee leader new medical curriculum year 3-6
Thomas MildestvedtAssociate professor, family medicineResponsible for general practice education
Donald BoudreauAssociate professor, Institute of Health Care Education, McGill University, MontrealInterim institute leader
Terese StenforsSenior researcher at the Centre for Learning in Health Care ContextsKarolinska Institutet, Stockholm
Tim Dornanprofessor, Queen’s University Belfast, UK. Emeritus Professor, Maastricht University, the Netherlands.Developer of ExBL model of practice learning (Experience Based Learning)
Beth WhelanAssociate prof, psychologist, NFL, CanadaStudent counselling
Hannah GillespieMDTim’s phd candicate
Cathinka ThynessMD

Hilde’s phd candidate