Craniofacial Development, Oral Infections and Inflammations

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IIllustrations of the 4 research areas, craniofacial research, periodontal research, research on Sjøgrens disease, endodontic research

The research group "Craniofacial development, oral infections and inflammations" investigates some of the most frequently occurring diseases in the oral cavity, periodontitis (inflammation of the tooth supporting tissue), and inflammation of endodontic origin (from the soft tissue inside the tooth). Another research field is craniofacial developmental biology, where both normal development and developmental disorders are focused on. There is also a long tradition for studies on various aspects of Sjögren's syndrome, an autoimmune disease with oral manifestations.

The aim of the research group is to gain more knowledge of the pathogenesis of the aforementioned inflammatory diseases and conditions in order to achieve earlier and better diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

The projects touch on microbiological, immunological, genetic and environmental aspects of the diseases. The research includes both basic research and clinical studies and is conducted on human material and animal models.

The group has close collaboration with national and international groups. In Bergen, most of the research takes place at the Department of Clinical Dentistry, Gade's Institute, the Department of Biomedicine and the Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, and at Haukeland University Hospital.

Research Areas

Several research areas within the field are currently being undertaken by the group:

Craniofacial research

Periodontal research

Research on Sjögren's syndrome

Endodontic research