Neuropsychological Deep Phenotyping Group

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Studies across the lifespan

The neuropsychological deep phenotyping group performs neuropsychological research on topics related to normal function and neuropsychiatric disorders (ADHD, autism, intellectual disability, depression and degenerative disorders). A neuropsychological examination includes tests, questionnaires and interviews characterizing cognitive as well as sensory-motor, emotional and social function. The results are related to brain structure and function through existing knowledge, but research allows for new knowledge by multidisciplinary collaboration with experts in clinical medicine, neuroimaging, neuroscience, genetics and mathematics.

NPG affiliation:

PhD students

Emilie Nordby

Daniel Jensen

Ellen Skorve

Liss Gøril Anda

Jens Hetland


Robin Maria Fransisca Kenter

Alexandra Vik 

Master students

Sol Maja Graasvold Bjørkevoll (clinical nutritionist)

Irina Oltu (stud psychol)

Ingrid Rye (cognitive neuroscience)

Bachelor students

Sander Rødje