Neuropsychological Deep Phenotyping Group

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Professor Astri Lundervold. Department of Biological and Medical Psychology, University of Bergen

tel: +47 55 58 62 16

Neuropsychological deep phenotyping group (NdP)

The Neuropsychological Deep Phenotyping (NdP) group conducts research on a wide spectrum of somatic and neuropsychiatric conditions, aiming to align treatment approaches to the person-specific and multidimentianal (deep) health profiles of individuals across different life stages. Our participation in interdisciplinary teams are primarily dedicated to the assessment and management of cognitive, emotional, and social function.

Over the years, the NdP group has made contributions to studies exploring core symptoms of ADHD and other neuropsychiatric and neurological conditions. More recently, our interests have expanded to include disorders of the gut-brain interaction (DGBIs), and we are actively participating in treatment studies that encompass frail older adults, individuals with brain tumors, and those exhibiting early signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

Our methodological approach employs a range of assessment tools from traditional pen-and-pencil tests to computerized testing and sensor data, with a goal to integrate and jointly analyse data from various sources.  With a holistic perspective on health coupled with a commitment to technological advancement, the NdP group aims to make meaningful contributions to the field of neuropsychology through clinical research, educational and training.


Participation in projects:

Bergen-Brain-Gut study

Bergen Child Study

Adult ADHD Study


Music for the Brain (M4M)