Norwegian Ocean Observation Laboratory

Technological possibilities

Norsk havlaboratorium
HIGH TECH: Professor Rolf Birger Pedersen, Ruth Grung (Labour), Jonas Gahr Støre (Labour) and Rektor Dag Rune Olsen (UiB).
Jens Helleland Aadnanes

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The Norwegian Ocean Observation Laboratory is home to several national marine research infrastructures:

•    Norwegian Marine Robotics Facility (NORMAR )
•    Norwegian Atlantic Current Observatory (NACO )
•    Norwegian de of the Global Profiling Float Project (NorArgo )
•    European Plate Observing System (EPOS )
•    Offshore Boundary Layer Observatory (OBLO )
•    Lofoten-Vesterålen Cabled Observatory (LoVe )

These are all financed through the Research Council of Norway's National Financing Initiative for Research Infrastructure. They all show that the hub for ocean research and -observation is located in the Bergen region. This includes a highly technological approach to marine exploration. 

Together, the University of Bergen, the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and The Institute of Marine Research have established an Integrated Master's Programme in Ocean Technology. The programme uses the Ocean Observation Observation Laboratory as an arena for education and creativity.