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Multi-level multi-actor and multi-issue governance processes, primarily in the knowledge policy domains (higher education and research).
Specifically interested in the role of European stakeholder organizations in interest intermediation and policy transfer across governance levels, as well as the relationship between policy coordination and policy convergence.

Academic article
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Academic lecture
  • 2018. Policy coordination and policy convergence in the Nordics.
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Academic anthology/Conference proceedings
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Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
  • 2019. The Looseness of Loose Coupling: The Use and Misuse of “Loose Coupling” in Higher Education Research. 19 pages.
  • 2019. Analysing policy positions of stakeholder organizations in higher education: What, how and why? 17 pages.
  • 2018. What kind of quality assurance leads to improved performance and accountability? The views of European students. 11 pages.
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  • 2010. Strategic Planning and Policy Formation. 16 pages.
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  • 2010. Finance and Public Accountability. 10 pages.
Article in business/trade/industry journal
  • 2011. Mechanisms of Change in Higher Education Institutions. Leadership and Governance in Higher Education. Handbook for Decision-makers and Administrators.
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