Parameterized Complexity for Practical Computing

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Parameterized Complexity has brought algorithmic theory into the modern era. Today, no one would consider ignoring the structure and parameters of problems. The development of sophisticated parameterized algorithms and innovative mathematical approaches allows complex questions and "big data" to be analysed from new perspectives.

The primary objective of this project is to develop new parameterized algorithms and complexity theory to understand the effectiveness of practical heuristics on real-world datasets, and to systematically design and improve heuristics, based on theory and experiments.

Parameterized Complexity for Practical Computing is a five-year project supported by UiB's Toppforsk-programme and the Norwegian Resarch Council, and is led by Professor Michael Fellows.

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Professor Michael Fellows

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Professor Michael Fellows loves mathematics, algorithms and computer science. The love resulted in not only ground-breaking research, but passion plays and true love.