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Katharina Wuropulos joins the Prepare team to explore public connection among women in working class jobs.
Leif Hemming Pedersen visited PREPARE for a seminar on Axel Honneths Recognition Theory.
A varied group of media and democracy experts have signed on as scientific advisors in the Prepare project.
Solveig Høegh-Krohn joins the PREPARE research team to study people's connection to public sphere in rural Norway.
Compared to many other countries, Norwegian readers do not shy away from news about politics. This and other insights from the Reuters Digital News Report and its Norwegian sub-report were presented by Janne Bjørgan at Fritt Ord.
As part of the NordMedia conference 2023 in Bergen, PREPARE organized a panel on the project's theoretical ambitions.
New PREPARE postdoctoral researcher Özlem Demirkol Tønnesen explains turkish political twitter.