Theory Seminar

Recognition Theory and Public Connection

Leif Hemming Pedersen visited PREPARE for a seminar on Axel Honneths Recognition Theory.

bilde av forskere samlet rundt møtebord
The seminar gathered 12 participants from UiB, NORCE, and OsloMet.
Ozlem Demirkol Tønnesen

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As part of the PREPARE project's theory seminar series, postdoctoral fellow Leif Hemming Pedersen from Roskilde University was invited to lead a seminar on Recognition Theory and its connection with public affiliation. Pedersen's introduction was based on the book Freedom's Right. The Social Foundations of Democratic Life (Honneth 2014, English edition).

The seminar took place on 7 February 2024 in the premises of the Department of Information Science and Media Studies and brought together 12 participants from the department, SFI MediaFutures, NORCE and OsloMet.

About Leif Hemming Pedersen

Leif Hemming Pedersen is a postdoctoral fellow at Roskilde University. He works in the research project AlterUse, which examines people's use of alternative (news) media. Pedersen obtained his PhD in media and communication at the same university, where he investigated the role media technologies and media use play in processes, practices and experiences around recognition.