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Norms, Workplace and Sickness Absence

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In a sequence of projects, we use employer-employee data from the wage and personnel register (PAI) of the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS). It contains detailed individual information on age, education, gender, wages, hours of work, shift work, seniority, position, etc. PAI also includes an absence register with individual information on short and long term sick leave for employees in the municipal sector. It has a unique plant identifier for each employee, allowing us create group-data based on person registers (plant fraction of males/females, age and education profile in plant, etc.).

Furthermore, the plant identifier makes it possible to observe change of employer, up/downsizing, mobility between plants, etc. We focus on employees in the health and caring sector and primary and secondary schools, which represents the largest sectors in the municipalities. The data are available from 1993, at the most.

Finally, we have data from the customer service centre of an insurance company from 2001 to present; constituting the basis for several field studies on sickness absence behavior.