Poverty, Language and Media (POLAME)
The Linguistic Representation of Poverty

Seminar October 24, 2014

photo polame researchers
Juan Felipe Zuluaga, Ana B. Chiquito, Gabriel Quiroz, Alberto Cimadamore.

Main content


Gabriel Quiroz (Universidad de Antioquia)
Linguistic representation of “poverty” in Colombian newspapers. Methodology and First results

Juan Felipe Zuluaga (Universidad de Antioquia)
The Use of Lexical Reduction Processes in the Representation of Poverty in Colombian Press

Ana B. Chiquito (University of Bergen)
The Linguistic Representation of Poverty in Mexican Newspapers

Alberto Cimadamore (UiB/CROP/ISSC)
The Conveyance of Poverty Notions in the Argentinean Press


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