The Rectorate

Vice-rector for Research and International relations, Benedicte Carlsen

Professor Benedicte Carlsen was appointed as Vice-rector at the University of Bergen for the period of 2022-2025. Her areas of responsibility are research, sustainability and global relations.

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Phone: +47 55 58 28 29
Cell phone: 952 49 887
E-mail: Benedicte.Carlsen@uib.no

Visiting address: Muséplass 1

Carlsen is a professor of public health. She joins the rectorate from a position as Head of Department of Health Promotion and Development (HEMIL) at UiB.

Carlsen has her education from the University of Oslo and UiB, with a master's degree in social anthropology and a PhD in health service research from UiB. She has led a number of major externally funded research projects, and she has extensive experience with interdisciplinary research in fields such as prioritization and organization in the health service, popular research dissemination, research communication during pandemics, implementation of research knowledge in practice and quality in qualitative research studies. In addition, she works with the development of methods for qualitative research syntheses, as well as with the facilitation of findings from such meta-studies for decision-makers. Carlsen is particularly involved in research policy and in the social role of research.

Carlsen has an extensive research experience from a number of institutions. She has been a researcher and research leader at NORCE, associate professor at the Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care and professor II at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. She has had several research stays abroad, including at the University of California, Berkeley and University College London. Carlsen has also served on the boards of Uni Research, DIGGSCORE and Vestlandsforskning.