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How research has changed the weather forecasting narrative

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Dr. Sansa-Otim
Dr. Julianne Sansa-Otim.
Joan Salmon (Screenshot from The Monitor)

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Read Joan Salmon's story in The Monitor about Dr. Julianne Sansa-Otim and the NORHED I project Improving Weather Information Management in East Africa for effective service provision through the application of suitable ICTs.

WIMEA-ICT was a partnership between Makerere University, University of Juba, Dar es Salaam Unstitute of Technology and UiB. The project has been essential for East Africa because it provides open source software and hardware designs leading to affordable automatic weather stations compared to others on the market. The work is continued in the NORHED II project Adaptive Environmental Monitoring Networks for East Africa (AdEMNEA).

Dr. Julianne Sansa-Otim has also been interviewed by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Uganda on her work to promote women and girls’ contributions to science.