Bergen Group on Auditory Perception

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Group leader

Professor Karsten Specht

Bergen Group on Auditory Perception
Department of Biological and Medical Psychology
Jonas Liesvei 91
N-5009 Bergen, Norway
Tel: +47 55 58 62 79

The BeRG-AP group is a research node within the Bergen fMRI group, with Prof. Karsten Specht as group leader.

To understand the neuronal processes behind the perception of auditory signals is the focus of the current research. This is divided into two main research questions: How does the brain perceive, process, and decode speech signals, and how does the brain perceive and process music?

These research questions are addressed by using neuroimaging methods, such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), in combination with advanced data analysis and modelling approaches that allow exploring the brain as a complex neuronal network.

The research is funded by the Bergen Research Foundation and the Research Council of Norway.

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