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Comic book: Enlighten your clock

Louise Bjerrum (UiB) and Daniel Vethe (NTNU) have translated 'Enlighten Your Clock: How your body tells time' into Norwegian. Target audience is adolescents 13-18 years of age. The comic book describes how light can affect circadian rhythms, sleep, and mental health.

forsidebilde og innholdsfortegnelse
Coline Weinzaepflen

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"Opplys klokken din: Hvordan kroppen vår holder styr på tiden" is a comic book about the effects of light on circadian rhythms, sleep, and mental health, such as the negative effects of evening exposure to high-energy blue light emitted from screens and other light sources. 

The original work "Enlighten your clock: how your body tells time" is written and illustrated by Coline Weinzapflen (@Artichautte) and edited by Manuel Spitschan (@mspitschan), and translated to Norwegian by Louise Bjerrum (@bjerrum_louise) and Daniel Vethe (@DanielVethe). 

Louise Bjerrum is a PhD candidate at The Department of Clinical Psychology, University of Bergen. Her research focuses on the acute effects of light during daytime on cognitive performance and mood. Daniel Vethe is a clinical psychologist and PhD candidate at The Department of Mental Health, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. His research focuses on the evening effects of light on circadian rhythms and sleep, and the use of chronotherapy in psychiatric care. 

Verdensdagen for psykisk helse (the Norwegian equivalent to the World Mental Health Day) has recently published some parts of the comic book on their Instagram- and Facebook account

Do you want to read the comic book in another language? It is currently available in 23 languages