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Bergen Journal of Criminal Law & Criminal Justice

Bergen Journal of Criminal Law & Criminal Justice (BJCLCJ) is a peer reviewed open access journal on research of Nordic criminal law and criminal justice.

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Magnus Halsnes

Bergen Journal of Criminal Law & Criminal Justice (BJCLCJ) is a peer-reviewed open-access electronic journal. It is published with two issues per year, freely available for everyone. It was established in 2013 by professor Jørn Jacobsen.

This journal aims at strengthening the communication between the Nordic criminal law science and the international arena. The main idea is to make Nordic criminal law research available for an international audience, as well as allowing international research to interact with a Nordic audience.

The journal is devoted to, though not exclusively, the following subjects:

  • Substantive Criminal Law
  • Criminal Procedure
  • EU- & International Criminal Law
  • Comparative Criminal Law
  • Criminal Law History
  • Criminology & Other Interdisciplinary Perspectives
  • Theory of Criminal Law

Contributions in English are favoured, but text written in the Nordic languages and in German can be accepted as well.