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The research group works within criminal law, criminal procedure and police and prosecution law. Within these subject areas, the group conducts research at a national, Nordic and international level. The ambition is to develop knowledge that contributes to national practical legal life and to be a leader internationally in criminal law research. A special focus is on developing knowledge at the interface between practice-oriented national research and the international and interdisciplinary research discourse.

The group functions as a forum for professional development through seminars, internationally oriented events, and new research projects. In addition, the group contributes to research-based teaching at a high level through developing professional literature.


Criminal responsibility and competence

Video presentation from Professor Stephen J. Morse’s guest lecture «Neurolaw: Perils and Promises».

Bilde av Linda Gröning

UiB-Professor to lead Commission on Criminal Law Reform as first ever female Chairperson

The first task assigned to the Criminal Law Commission from the government was to evaluate rules affecting participation and recruitment to criminal gangs and organizations, including reform in the rules relating to the recovery or confiscation of proceeds of crime. The evaluations made by the...

Research stay

PhD-student from The University of Copenhagen: Clara Juul Holm

Clara Juul Holm is a PhD-student from The University of Copenhagen. This article gives a short review about her research stay at The University of Bergen.

Boken «forbrytelser i utvalg»

''Forbrytelser i utvalg – Straffelovens regler om voldsforbrytelser, seksualforbrytelser, formuesforbrytelser og narkotikaforbrytelser''

The book «Forbrytelser i utvalg – Straffelovens regler om voldsforbrytelser, seksualforbrytelser, formuesforbrytelser og narkotikaforbrytelser» is a new addition to the criminal justice literature.

Researcher to watch
Linda Gröning

A question of accountability

On Friday 22 July 2011, Norway was hit by a terrorist attack that claimed the lives of 77 people. The terrorist attack was not only a national trauma. The case also made apparent that the legal system needs a better understanding of how criminal insanity and mental disorder are related.