Research group for Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure

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The research group consists of people who work within criminal law, criminal procedure and police and prosecution law. Within these subject areas, the group conducts research at a national, Nordic and international level. The research group's ambition is to develop knowledge that contributes to national practical legal life and to be a leader internationally in criminal law research. A special focus is on developing knowledge at the interface between practice-oriented national research and the international and interdisciplinary research discourse. The group functions as a forum for professional development through seminars, internationally oriented events, and the development of new research projects. In addition, the group contributes to research-based teaching at a high level through the development of central professional literature.

Boken «forbrytelser i utvalg»

''Forbrytelser i utvalg – Straffelovens regler om voldsforbrytelser, seksualforbrytelser, formuesforbrytelser og narkotikaforbrytelser''

The book «Forbrytelser i utvalg – Straffelovens regler om voldsforbrytelser, seksualforbrytelser, formuesforbrytelser og narkotikaforbrytelser» is a new addition to the criminal justice literature.

Researcher to watch
Linda Gröning

A question of accountability

On Friday 22 July 2011, Norway was hit by a terrorist attack that claimed the lives of 77 people. The terrorist attack was not only a national trauma. The case also made apparent that the legal system needs a better understanding of how criminal insanity and mental disorder are related.

Media production

Bergen lecture 2018, #MeToo

The recordings of this years Bergen lecture, #MeToo, Implications for criminal law, is now available. The lecture was given by Prof. Dr. Tatjana Hörnle from the Humboldt University of Berlin. Bergen Lecture is a yearly happening arranged by The Research Group for Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure.