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CICERO-Director Kristin Halvorsen and Friends of the Earth Norway Leader Lars Haltbrekken joined editors Elisabeth Eide, Siri Gloppen and Lise Rakner to discuss their new edited volume ‘Klima, medier og politikk’.
Professors Siri Gloppen and Lise Rakner have co-edited "Klima, medier og politikk", a book that addresses energy politics discourse with particular emphasis on Norway as a petroleum producer. Elisabeth Eide and Dag Elgsem are co-editors.
South-East Asia expert Gyda Marås Sindre finds in a new book chapter that the efforts of the Indonesian government to achieve poverty alleviation while protecting the environment are undermined by cronyism, corruption and problems of governance.
Post-doc Gyda Marås Sindre examines in a new article attempts to link development aid and humanitarian assistance with peace negotiations in Aceh and Sri Lanka. The main finding is that such a link may have positive effects, but also divert attention away from core conflict issues.
Constitutional reform intended to modernize the judiciary and promote judicial independence can have the opposite effect, Andrea Castagnola and Aníbal Pérez-Liñán find in a new article published in the British Journal of Political Science.
Mobilized Islam and state-society relations in Muslim majority countries with a special focus on Syria, Tunisia and Turkey are Dutch Teije Hidde Donker’s research interests.
Mobilisert islam og forholdet mellom stat og sivilsamfunn i land hvor muslimer er i flertall er forskningsinteressene til nederlandske Teije Hidde Donker.
Judicial politics, democracy, political institutions in Latin America are Argentinian Andrea Castagnola’s research interests.
PhD student Svein-Erik Hansen Helle says to newspaper Trønder-Avisa that authoritarian regimes try to give the impression that decisions are made through thorough democratic processes.
Stipendiat Svein-Erik Hansen Helle sier til Trønder-Avisa at autoritære regimer prøver å gi inntrykk av at beslutninger tas gjennom grundige demokratiske prosesser.