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Gunnar Houge is a specialist in medical genetics with a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology.
He is the Head of Division and Chief Executive Officer at the Center for Medical Genetics and Molecular Medicine, Haukeland University Hospital.


He has 14 years of teaching experience (approximately 1000 hours student contact) teaching macroscopic anatomy (lectures and dissection). He has extensive experience as a teacher and organizer of courses under the leadership of 'Legers Videre- og Etterutdanning', as well as in other forums seeking medical-genetic education, including teaching in medical genetics for medical students and other health professionals.
Confederation Former deputy (4 years) and leader (6 years) of the Norwegian Society for Medical Genetics (NFMG).


Supervisor experience

1987-89: Education of bio engineer Marit Flo Jensen in molecular biolgic methodology.
1990-94: Training of bio engineer Erna Finsås in molecular biology methodology.
1992-96: Training of bio engineer Aud K.H. Eliassen in molecular biology methodology.
1991-92: Guided French fellow student (Estelle Duprez) in subtraction cloning methodology.
1993-95: Principal supervisor for major studies. Indira Sharma in RNA-related project.
Cand. Scient. Jan.-96.
1995-99: Supervisor of stud.med. Bjørnar Gilje., DNK student fellow student.
1994-98: Head of Studies for Dr. Scient. Degree (Randi Hovland) regarding the regulation of translation.
2001-03: Principal supervisor for mainstream student Atle Brendehaug Intersex / SOX9 project. Cand. Scient. Oct.-03.
2005-07: Leader of Dr. Med. Åse Sivertsen (doctoral project), disputed in 2008.
2005-08: Principal supervisor of Dr. Scient. Helle Lybæk (doctoral thesis), disputed in 2009.
2010-13: Group leader for post doc Helle Lybæk.
2011-13: Supervisor for PhD student Mia Appelbäck, MOFA / UiB

Dissertation work

2001: UiB: 2nd opponent of doctor odontologiae dissertation to Lado L. Loro: Apoptosis in oral squamous cell carcinoma: "A study of apoptosis and apoptosis related molecules with particular relevance to the bcl-2 family and the TNF receptor / ligand family" .
2006: UiO: 1. Opponent at the PhD thesis of Kristine Kleivi: "Genome and transcriptome profiles of primary and advanced colorectal carcinomas".
2008: UiO: 2nd opponent at the PhD thesis of Gun Peggy S. Knudsen: "X chromosome inactivation and phenotype".
2008: Academic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam: Opponent at the PhD dissertation to Anouk Vedder: "Fabry disease: Challenges in relation to optimization of ERT".
2012: UiO: 2nd opponent at PhD dissertation to cand. Odont. Rønnaug Sæves: "Prader-Willi syndrome in Norway - Oral Aspects". Disputes December-12.
2016: KU ​​Leuven, Belgium: Opponent of PhD thesis at MSc Dorien Haesens: "Biochemical and functional characterization of disease-associated aberrations in protein phosphatase 2A". Disputas February-2016.
2017: UiO: 1. Opponent of the PhD thesis of MSc Christeen RJ Pedurupillay: "Identification and validation of novel disease-causing genetic variants in rare pediatric neurological disorders using whole exome sequencing (WES)". Disputes April-17.

Referee Work

Has been the referee for the following journals:
Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association
Journal of Medical Genetics
European Journal of Human Genetics
European Journal of Medical Genetics
American Journal of Medical Genetics
Molecular Cytogenetics
Molecular Syndromology
Clinical Genetics
Lancet Neurology
Genome Research
Human Mutation
Molecular Vision
PLoS Genetics

Project leader experience
94: NFR: "Cloning and characterization of genes with significance for cell death".
95-98: NFR: Functional characterization of 28S ribosomal RNA fragmentation and cell death-related genes by apoptosis.
03-04: Functional genomics (Health West)
12-14: Epigenetic dysfunction and genomic imbalance in autism and developmental impairment (Helse Vest)
14-16: Epigenetic dysfunction and genomic imbalance in autism and developmental impairment (Helse Vest, new 3 year support)


Research Interests 

Rare genetic diseases and autism.


Helse Vest with one PhD student currently: Siren Berland, MD