Molecular mechanisms of parasite motility
Best news of the year so far

Continued support from the Sigrid Jusélius foundation

Our group in Oulu was granted 72000 € from the Sigrid Jusélius foundation for the period 1.5.2022-30.4.2023. This is the first year of three, so the total amount will be 216000 € over three years. This secures the future of our group in Oulu in a rather difficult financial situation. We feel utmost gratitude for the almost continuous support we have received for our work on malaria from the Sigrid Jusélius foundation since 2009. It means a lot for us as a group and also for research on largely neglected devastating diseases that hit hardest the weakest and poorest, mainly children in developing countries.

Sigrid Juselius
Sigrid Jusélius foundation

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