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Student training at Beta-SIG

Beta-SIG is active in the training of doctoral candidates, see below for a list of previous and current students and thesis topics.

Current PhD students

Eivind Rath, PhD (EU Framework Programme 7; 01.09.2016-31.12.2017; HelseVest PhD scholarship 01.03.2018-28.02.2020), K2, UiB. Main supervisor: Trond Bruun, co-supervisor: Steinar Skrede. Project title: Moderate and severe streptococcal skin and soft tissue infections: factors associated with broad-spectrum antibiotic treatment, excess resource use and adverse outcome.

Dag Harald Skutlaberg, PhD (Swedish Research Council), K2 UiB, 01.01.2016-31.12.2018. Main supervisor: Steinar Skrede, co-supervisoros: Harald Wiker and Haima Mylvaganam. Project title: Biofilm produced by beta-haemolytic streptococci isolated from necrotizing soft tissue infections; characteristics, contribution to antimicrobial tolerance and clinical implications.

Previous PhD students

Oddvar Oppegaard, PhD (EU-Framework Programme 7), K2, UiB, December 2017. Main supervisor: Bård R. Kittang, co-supervisors: Steinar Skrede and Haima Mylvaganam. Thesis: Trends of Streptococcus dysgalactiae subs equisimilis infections in Western Norway.  Dissertation 08.12.2017.  

Trond Bruun, PhD (UiB-scholarship), K2, UiB, June 2016. Main supervisor: Steinar Skrede, co-supervisors: Nina Langeland and Haima Mylvaganam. Thesis: Clinical and bacterial diversity in streptococcal skin and soft tissue disease.

Bård Reiakvam Kittang, PhD (UiB-scholarship), IFI, UiB, December 2010. Main supervisor: Haima Mylvaganam, co-supervisors: Nina Langeland and Steinar Skrede. Thesis : Group A, C and G streptococcal infections in western Norway: virulence gene characteristics and clinical features.

Haima Mylvaganam, PhD, UiB 2001, June 2001. Main supervisor: Prof. Tor Hofstad, co-supervisors: Prof. Bjarne Bjorvatn and Arve Osland.. Thesis: Molecular epidemiology of Streptococcus pyogenes.