From manuscript fragments to book history

Illustrated fragment inventory on line

The "Inventory of medieval manuscript fragments in Norway" was set up in 2010 to facilitate research on fragments kept in Norwegian collections. The on line inventory is now available for all interested.

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So far the Inventory contains only about one thousand of the ca 6500 single fragments in Norwegian public collections. It is, however, intended to grow steadily over the next few years, and the future ambition for the website is to include all Norwegian fragments. It is not the official database of any one given institution, but is intended as an independent on-line research tool.

The Inventory is the result of a collaboration between Michael Gullick (Stevenage), Åslaug Ommundsen (University of Bergen), Gisela Attinger (University of Oslo) and Johanne-Berit Revheim (IT-department at the University of Bergen). The site is hosted by the University of Bergen and currently managed through the project “From manuscript fragments to book history”. The initial funding for the establishment of the database was provided by CMS in Bergen and NOS-HS (through exploratory workshops).

The inventory is found here: