From manuscript fragments to book history

The four-leaf clover complete

Earlier this autumn two new researchers were put to work on book fragments: Astrid Marner (Post-doc) and Synnøve Myking (PhD). Together with project leader Åslaug Ommundsen and the English paleographer Michael Gullick they will contribute to the knowledge about medieval book culture.

All the members of the fragment project are now in place. From the left: Project manager and researcher Åslaug Ommundsen, post-doctoral fellow Astrid Marner, PhD candidate Synnøve Myking and researcher Michael Gullick.
Gisela Attinger

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Marner is from Bonn in Germany, and has a PhD in Scandinavian studies from the University of Bonn. In her project on homiletic literature in the liturgical fragment material, she will also benefit from her Latin skills. Her range of experience is wide and includes both literary analysis and databases.


Myking originally comes from Lindås north of Bergen, and has an MA in French from the University of Oslo. In June she completed her FIDEM diploma course in medieval studies in Rome. She will focus on fragments from liturgical books of French origin.


Gullick has been working on Scandinavian fragment material for a decade, and works as a part time researcher on the fragment project, based in England. He has a background in calligraphy and is an expert on English Romanesque manuscripts.