Marine microbiology
Nature Geoscience Review

Processes and patterns of oceanic nutrient limitation

Frede Thingstad is an author on a Review article in Nature Geoscience

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Thingstad, from the Marine microbiology research group, is a member of a group of researchers who have worked together to produce the review, which presents an overview of recent insights into nutrient biogeochemistry.

Microbial activity is a fundamental component of oceanic nutrient cycles. However, without knowing more about the variability in the quantitative relationships between the elements implicated in nutrient cycles, the biogeochemical mechanisms involved and the resulting consequences for marine microbes, researchers will be unable to make accurate predictions concerning the consequences of current human activity on nutrient limitation, ocean biogeochemistry and the carbon cycle.

Read more in the review, which was published in Nature Geoscience online, 31 March 2013.