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Several people from the Marine Microbiology group are currently involved in national and international field work campaigns in the Arctic. Working conditions can be hard in this cold environment, but researchers who got to participate in Arctic cruises or field work say it is a life-time experience! Read more about the Nansen Legacy and HAVOC (part of Mosaic) projects as well as CLIMAGAS below.
The young generation in our group works on a range of different topics withing terrestrial and marine microbial ecology. Methodologies include polar field work, genomics and modeling, to name a few.
Planteplankton og dyreplankton danner et av de viktigste grunnlag for livet på jorda.
New Marinforsk project, led by Ruth-Anne Sandaa (UiB) will explore the co-evolution of host resistance and virulence
Project MIXsTRUCT will investigate the impact of mixotrophs on the structure of the marine pelagic food web
The first AQUACOSM group has arrived at UiB's Marine Biological Station. The international team of scientists are here to study the coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi.
An international research team led by Uni Research Environment and the University of Bergen will explore how filter-feeding zooplankton can trap, ingest, disperse and potentially preserve virus particles in the marine environment.
In connection with T. Frede Thingstad becoming Professor Emeritus at the University of Bergen from 2017, a seminar was held at the University of Bergen and Hjort Centre for Marine Ecosystem Dynamics on December 2nd to bring Frede’s work into an international perspective and celebrate his professional and collegial achievements.
PhD student Maria Lund Paulsen tells the exciting story of being a polar marine microbiologist.
The Marine Microbiology Group and other scientists conducted a large experiment on marine microbial ecology in Svalbard during the summer of 2015. The experiment was recently featured in 'Schrödinger's Katt' on NRK.
Young microbiologists enjoyed a couple of days in Ustaoset in the beginning of February to engange in interesting research discussions and make use of great skiing conditions.
Marine Microbiologists from the University of Bergen participated on the international Ocean Sampling Day to collect environmental and biological data for analysis of microbial diversity and function in marine ecosystems around the world.
Scientists from the Marine Microbiology Group and the Theoretical Ecology Group at the University of Bergen recently published in PNAS. 
Important players for global carbon cycling and climate
BIO / UiB / Norway host a COST Action Management Committee meeting.
Frede Thingstad is an author on a Review article in Nature Geoscience
In October this year Lise Øvreås arranged a symposium together with Associate professor Amare Gessese at Addis Ababa University.