Marine microbiology

Chasing Polar Microbes

PhD student Maria Lund Paulsen tells the exciting story of being a polar marine microbiologist.

Trailer - Chasing the polar microbes

Trailer - Chasing the Polar Microbes
Salt Lofoten

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PhD student Maria Lund Paulsen tells the story of being a marine microbiologist in the fascinating Arctic environment. Below the surface of the sea, invisible microorganisms are strugling for their existence; a fight between microalgae who consume CO2 and bacteria how produce CO2. Maria and her collegues investigate how the balance between these two is changing under a changing climate. She is particularly interested in consequences of thawing permafrost and meling glaciers. The microbial world below the sea surface makes up 50% of the marine food web production and is of strong significance for the climate. The full video can be seen on the link below (videos produced by Salt Lofoten).