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MAROFF – A pilot study of human factors and CRM training in the maritime industry

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Thus, the overall goal of this proposed project is to replicate and extend previous research from the aviation industry into the Norwegian shipping industry. More specifically we will assess Psychological Capital (PsyCap) and Authentic Leadership (AL) and their influence on safety climate (SC) and Safety outcomes in a Norwegian shipping industry.

This project will be developed by researchers from the Operational Psychology research group at the University of Bergen,Norway in collaboration with partners in the maritime industry (Norwegian Hull Club, the Grieg shipping company and others). The aim of this project will be to outline an application to the NFR - MAROFF program in order to seek funding for a 4 year main research project. It is our aim that the main project should represent a joint effort from an international research consortium lead by the Univer sity of Bergen and in close collaboration with major companies from the Norwegian maritime sector.