Operational Psychology Research Group

Loss prevention and authentic leadership

Research in organizational psychology has linked certain leadership characteristics to a sustained and positive HSE culture (i.e. no harm to people, ship, or the environment). Following from this, the point of departure for this PhD project is research indicating that loss prevention and HSE outcomes are substantially influenced by perceptions of and attitudes towards local leaders. Also, converging evidence in modern organizational psychology suggest that authentic leadership is a crucial organizational factor in contributing to favorable work outcomes and safety climate. Emerging research has indeed linked authentic leadership to safety climate in the maritime sector.

Thus, the overall goal of this PhD project is to replicate and extend previous research on POB into the Norwegian maritime industry. More specifically this study will assess Authentic Leadership (AL) as antecedent to safety climate, and examine case studies and individual life stories to identify precursor and outcomes of authentic leadership in the maritime industry.


  • Borgersen, H.C., Hystad, S.W., Larsson, U.G., & Eid,J. (2014). Authentic Leadership and Safety Climate Among Seafarers. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 21, 394-402