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PMG is a partner of the new FME gigaCCS

The Research Council of Norway recently announced a significant investment in a new research center on carbon capture, transport, and storage (CCS) in Norway, of which the porous media group is a proud partner. gigaCCS is a Centre for Environment-Friendly Energy Research (FME) that will develop Norway's CCS competence and contribute to the global implementation of CCS on a gigatonne scale.

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The Norwegian Research Council has announced an investment of 180 MNOK in a new eight-year research center, gigaCCS, on carbon capture, transport, and storage (CCS) starting in 2025. gigaCCS is an FME (Center for Environment-Friendly Energy) that aims to enhance Norway's expertise in CCS and support the transition of CCS technology to the gigatonne scale. CCS is an essential tool for meeting our climate goals because it decarbonizes difficult-to-abate industries and enables negative-emission technologies. However, for CCS to reach its full potential, its deployment must be scaled up so that gigatonnes of CO2 are stored annually. gigaCCS will address this challenge by developing and producing competitive CCS technologies that will add value to industry and society while lowering risk through strategic competence and capacity building.   To ensure quick and efficient CCS deployment at larger scales, collaboration between industrial actors and the research community is necessary. gigaCCS will be a collaborative center with over 43 research groups and industry partners, in addition to 30 associated partners. It will be hosted by SINTEF.

The porous media group is a proud partner in the new FME gigaCCS. Our close collaborator in Bergen, Research Director Sarah E. Gasda at NORCE, is the new center's Misson Area Lead for carbon storage, and the porous media group is a key academic institution offering PhD-level education on the subject. With this collaboration, the porous media group becomes the only research group at the University of Bergen to receive funding from the FME call.