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Fracture flow

The Porous Media Group educates students and researchers in the fundamental challenges associated with solving the equations that describe flow and transport in and deformation of porous media. These include the development of rigorous mathematical foundations for the empirical physical laws of fluid motion in porous media, numerical methods for solving the partial differential equations that arise, and characterisation of reservoir properties via inverse modelling based on the observed production history of a reservoir. Associated applications include e.g. geothermal energy, subsurface energy and CO2 storage, flow in biological tissues, and hydrocarbon production.

Inga Berre

Inga Berre elected to the Scientific Advisory Council of GFZ for 2024-2027

GFZ is Germany's national research center for solid Earth sciences. Its mission is to improve our understanding of the solid earth's dynamics and create solutions for society's major problems.

Block with external forces acting on it

Well-posedness of evolutionary differential variational–hemivariational inequalities and applications to frictional contact mechanics

In this paper, we develop a general framework for an evolutionary variational-hemivariational inequality coupled with a differential equation. The framework is adapted to a frictional contact problem with applications in earth sciences. In here we present an approximation of the so-called rate-and...

group photo of VISTA CSD

CSD receives report from the Scientific Advisory Board

The VISTA Center for Modeling of Coupled Subsurface Dynamics (CSD) received its first report from its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), offering praise and constructive guidance.

Group photo of attendees at workshop in Zaragoza

Student field trip 2024

From 8th to 13th of January, members of CSD/PMG traveled to Oslo, Zaragoza and Barcelona to participate in joint workshops with SIMULA Oslo, University of Zaragoza and Polytechnic university of Catalonia.

The Fluidflower rig and a contemplative professor

SIAM Geosciences 2023

The conference was held in Bergen from the 19th to the 22nd of June in 2023.