Social Insurance and labour economics

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Research group

The Centre for Economic Studies in Social Insurance and Labour Economics at the Department of Economics aims to carry out and stimulate research on questions regarding the economic effects of the social insurance system and issues related to the welfare state. The Centre is an integrated part of the Department of Economics, but under an obligation to do research and teaching in the economics of the welfare state and empirical methods.


The group is financed by the The Research Council of Norway for the period 2010-2018.


Research topics

The Centre's research focus is mainly empirical, working together with colleagues at our own department and at other research institutions. Furthermore, several students have written their master's theses on problems related to social insurance.


Some examples of our research agenda are:

  • The effects of social insurance on labour force inflows and outflows
  • Causes for the increasing number of disability pensioners
  • Sickpay and sickness absence
  • Programme evaluation
  • Long term effects of social security
  • The connections between family structure, social insurance and living conditions
  • Family background
  • Youths and the early labour market experience