Research Group Sociolinguistics and Language Change

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The picture shows the back of a dictionary, and a text illustrating an ongoing change in Norwegian, whereby a palatal fricative change into apical

The research interests of the members of the group, are as the name suggests, the intersection between sociolinguistic theory and methods and language change, as applied to North Germanic data, especially Norwegian. Two major research projects have been carried out recently, both funded by the Norwegian Research Council: Dialektendringsprosessar (’Processes of language change’) and Språkutvikling på industristader (’Language development in small, industrial towns’). Since we are part of the former Department of Scandinavian Languages, the focus of the group is on Norwegian data and most publications are in Norwegian. We therefore refer you to the Norwegian version of our website. If you do not read Norwegian, Swedish or Danish, and want to know more about us, you are most welcome to contact us at Ragnhild.Anderson@uib.no.