Welfare, inequality and life course

Profile area

The profile area covers a wide range of interest and is represented through a variety of teaching courses at the Department of Sociology. Welfare has been a main research area throughout the department's history.

Main content

The research  focuses on:

  • Distribution and use of public welfare and social service
  • Interaction between receivers and producers of public welfare and health service
  • Inequality and poverty

Welfare and inequality must be studied and understood light of developments in the labor market, family and civil society, and the individual's life, and welfare must be understood within the framework of procedural historical times and different social conditions.
The relationship between everyday life, work, family life and the public welfare system are key, as are social inequality in relation to gender, class, ethnicity, and the welfare implications of economic, political and cultural changes that individualization, globalization, changes in family practice, the gender-specific division of labor and various social policy reforms.